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Energy storage for utility-scale solar projects

Chelion America is committed to advancing the future of renewable energy by empowering our customers with quality and affordable solar and storage solutions. Our team holds decades of energy experience and is dedicated to being your leading energy storage solutions provider.

1. Plan

Preliminary discovery workshops lay the foundation for a successful solution implementation

2. Design

Together, we gather application requirements and create a detailed construction plan

3. Construct

Our consultants then build the solution's workflows, configurations, reports, dashboards and other architectural elements based on the specifications

8. Support

Column Technologies will assist you throughout the entire development lifecycle

7. Optimize 

System performance, data integrity, process compliance and operational changes undergo a review three to six months after the go-live date

5. Evaluate 

Before the application is delivered, the client evaluates the effectiveness of the design and provides feedback

6. Deploy 

End users learn how to utilize the solution and begin to incorporate the tool

4. Test

Manual and automated tests are conducted to ensure full functionality

Energy Storage Solutions for Utility-Scale Solar

Chelion America is delivering smart, clean energy across the globe. Learn more about our utility-scale energy storage solutions below.

Our Energy Storage Solutions

Chelion America provides energy storage solutions for Utility-Scale project owners, developers & EPCs worldwide. We offer tailored energy storage solutions that help the power and integrate into your on-grid solar project. Energy storage solutions that provide clean, consistent power is a critical need to maximize the potential of your solar project. Our modular energy storage systems range in size and can meet the demands of our end users regardless of the requested solution needs.

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