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Chelion America is an expert in engineering, finance, and integration of Energy Storage solutions for portable, residential, and commercial usage. Our services and products cost efficiently enable the increased use of renewable energy and the optimal functioning of power systems. We will support your projects not only economically through electricity cost-saving but also be able to provide backup during any grid outages. Chelion America's office is in Santa Clara, California, and includes network partners throughout America.

Who We Are

About Us

We envision a world with endless energy.

We are a Global Leader in Energy Solutions

The USA is expected to steal the global energy storage leader prize by 2025. Wood Mackenzie says the US would lead the Americas region to a cumulative 371 GWh in 2030. Energy storage integration is an important piece of the energy transition puzzle that Chelion America is going to fill. Our vision is to lead the way to the future of Energy Storage deployment through a strategic partnership with development and installation companies. Chelion America Team is located in Santa Clara, California, and active all over America.

Our Industry

The Chelion Renewables Group is headquartered in Shanghai and provides its solution in the Asia Pacific has been so far one of the top energy storage regions. They have offices in Europe, Australia, America, and Japan.

Our Companies Roots

A team of experts in energy solutions.

Zhan GAO

Co-founder and CEO

Ardi Arian

General Manager

Our Team

Chelion America’s mission is to become a leading provider of energy storage solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects throughout North America. Meet the team who is working hard to make this possible.

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