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  • Outdoor

  • AFCI & Rapid Shutdown

  • 4 MPPTs

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • WIFI Module Integrated

How it works?

Self Consumption

A typical household consumes more energy during the morning and evening times. However, solar system generate most power during the middle of the day, All the surplus energy is either wasted or sold back to the grid proving low or no value to homeowners.


iHome Series intelligently store any surplus power generated by your solar system during the day, so that homeowners can benefit from stored clean power when needed most. Our systems can also be set to charge batteries from the grid at off-peak times when tariffs are lowest, and discharge during peak time when tariffs are expensive.

Back-up Power

With the number of power outages increasing in North America caused by extreme weather events, restoring the grid can take days or weeks in some cases. A residential backup system can protect your household from daily life disruptions, especially when coupled with a rooftop solar system. Whether to back-up your essential loads only or all your household electrical appliances. Whether to add back-up to your existing solar system or with your new installation.


Output Power


Round-Trip Efficiency


Battery Chemistry


Capacity Degradation


Lithium iron phosphate, the safest chemistry of all lithium battery types


Compatible with both new installations and retrofits (AC- or DC-coupled)


Superb performance and long lifespan​​​​​


Multiple operation modes available  

Integrated Support

Chelion America delivers a turn-key integrated solution from warranty to product install support.

iHome-S-HD1H02 | Specs

System PV String Input Data

Max PV Input Power (W)


Number of MPPTs


Max. Input Current per MPPT (A)


System AC Output Data (On-grid)

Max. Apparent Power Output to Grid


Output Voltage Range


Nominal AC Grid Frequency


System AC Output Data (Back-up)

Max. Output Current @ 240V (A)

100A, 10s

Nominal Output Frequency (Hz)


System Storage Capacity Extensions

Extension Battery Module Model

iHome-S-HD1H02 Series

Max. Additional Battery Modules

4 Units

Battery Modules Electrical Connection


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iHome Series | Energy Storage

Residential Energy

Storage Solutions

Chelion America is delivering smart, clean energy across the globe. Learn more about our residential energy storage products below.

Enjoy Green Energy

With iHome Energy Storage and PV solutions, managing your home solar systems has never been easier. iHome’s products have added blackout protection and flexibility to join a virtual power plant, providing customers with a futureproofed and complete residential energy solution for all situations.

Residential Energy Storage System Solutions




Easy installation

Easy O&M

Easy capacity expansion

Smart energy management

Automatic back-up switch

Intelligent monitoring

Reliable Power Protection

More flexible 

Long Service Life and more available capacity

Chelion Residential EMS

Three Phase HV Residential Energy Storage System

Chelion’s Residential EMS is an all-round intelligent system designed to monitor variables and meet electric or financial consumption goals. A tailored power plan will automatically optimize system performance to meet user-defined targets and distribute system resources appropriately. The EMS also continuously collects big data, such as weather and grid rates, to improve accuracy. The Residential EMS’s abundance of features and use of local and big data makes it a powerful and reliable all-in-one system for energy needs in any household.

User-defined energy goals and timeline periods can be set

Connects to a wide range of existing modules and infrastructure

Will continuously adapt the energy profile to identify energy saving opportunities

Provides recommendations to enhance longevity and profitability

Integrated management and diagnostic

Optimized performance by using local and big data

View and download our product datasheets below


Easy installation

Easy O&M

Easy capacity expansion


Smart energy management

Automatic back-up switch

Intelligent monitoring


Reliable Power Protection

More flexible 

Long Service Life and more available capacity

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